Defining start point, entry, exit

You will see the point selection bar on the bottom. You may either write X- Y-Z coordinates and press ok (check button ) or you may tick the free point click from the selection bar and select a position from the screen. When your point selection is done the start point and nearest position on contour will be marked on screen.

If this position is not good please press the 'Select start point' button on the dialog.
You will also define the end point of the operation by giving a distance on the 'Tap point distance' edit box. If you write 5 let us say the operation will leave the closed contour 5 units before the end position (or start position) You may also define end position by selecting a position from graphic window. Press ... button near the 'Tap point distance' edit and point selection bar will appear on the bottom. Then you can define the position by clicking on the screen.

Extension at the end is the extension distance for the last cut where contour is closed. The operation will pass the start point by this distance. Exit length defines the outgoing distance from the contour at the end of each cut.

You can also define entry exit type as line or arcs from this dialog and also define the cutting direction for the first cut as CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clock wise) When you are done click next button 'taper angle dialog' will appear.

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