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    CNC Technological Software Systems

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    Intelligent and flexible manufacturing

    Handle any geometry
    Wizard based application interface

Welcome to SolidCNC Software !

Your solution partner for manufacturing...

You can drive your CNC machine tools by SolidCNC software.SolidCNC CAD/CAM Software lets you create tool paths for cutting and machining parts.Milling and wire-EDM are among the applications.It is possible to generate from 2 to 5 Axis tool paths.You may even get 6 axis paths for robots by configuring the post processor settings.Here are several applications where you may use SolidCNC software :Mold and die machining , electrode machining , robotics , 4 axis continuous rotary machining applications ,wood works , artistic and hobby machining...

SolidCNC has basic modeling functionality for making curves and surfaces to help you with manufacturing tasks.


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Address : High Tech Binası Kat 2 A5 GOSB TEKNOPARK 41480 Kocaeli
Telephone : (+90)262 678 89 12-13
Fax : (+90)262 678 89 14
Email : info@solidcnc.net