SolidCNC CAD-CAM System

SolidCNC has a geometry kernel that had been developped by company it self and there is not an external dependency. SolidCNC can import IGES , DXF , VRML and STL files from other CAD-CAM systems and make its own geometry objects , render them by open GL. There are basic modelling functionality that lets users to make lines , arcs , curves , surfaces and primitive solid bodies from scratch. Users can use many interactive functions that SolidCNC apply on the geometry entities.

Computer aided manufacturing functions

SolidCNC serves many functions to accomplish manufacturing tasks. On basic milling module there is 2d contour cutting , drilling and rectangular nesting pages for making operations. The advanced module produce toolpaths by using Moduleworks toolpath calculation engine and true shape nesting by Anyshape component of Optimal programs.

Compact cutting module

For 2D plate , sheet , strip etc. cutting applications there is Compact Cutting module of SolidCNC. This module not only produce cutter toolpaths but also distributes the parts to stocks such that there is minimum scrap material. There is one D , box and free shape nesting functionality. Different operations with plenty of tools can be produced for cutting outer part and inner pockets , carving bending lines , letters or drilling holes. A single nc file for machining many plates at a time can be output to increase productivity. A report technical drawing for the entire cutting process is also output on graphic window together with NC file to help the operators. There is on going development efforts for further automation as barcoding the pieces and database integration of SolidCNC and customer projects.

Ply cutter module

Ply cutter module is similar to Compact Cutting module but it also supports C axis rotation to maintain tangent cutting for 2d shapes as composite fabrics , leather etc. It also has true shape nesting to minimize scrap.

Multi axis aluminum profile machining module

This module includes many dedicated functions for multi axis aluminum profile machining centers.

Wire EDM module

SolidCNC wire EDM module can produce wire operations by using 2D wire frame or 3D solid models and produce outputs for different wireEDM machine tools.

Mechatronic CNC Spin Forming Module

SolidCNC Turnform module was specially developped for a machine tool producer company whose name is Kılıçoğlu. These works were supported by Tübitak research fund (Turkish science and research foundation)

Post processor and kinematic simulation functions

SolidCNC use Lua Scripting. Inverse kinematic calculations where 3D tool position and orientation data is converted into machine tool axis values , is done by Lua script files specific to machine tools and their control systems. This let ‘ s the SolidCNC outputs to be re-configured without modifying the software installation or version and build different outputs from the same operation that is suitable to different machining centers and controllers. Other than kinematic system of the machine tool , vacuums , clamping system , cooling system , part supporting systems can be driven by SolidCNC g-code outputs depending on user inputs during offline programming. These NC files also need to be validated. SolidCNC has a simulation system for that which also use Lua script files that help the user to review what will happen on the machine tool when that NC file is run.

SolidCNC Altında Moduleworks İşleme Modülü

Moduleworks takımhareket yörüngeleri hesaplayan birçok fonksiyon içeren yazılım kütüphaneleri geliştiren bir Alman firmasıdır. SolidCNC yazılımı kullanıcılarına bu fonksiyonları “ Advanced milling ” - “ Gelişmiş işleme ” adı ile ek bir modül olarak sunar. Advanced milling modülünde tel kafes , yüzey , üçgen ( mesh-scan data) modellerden 3 eksen veya daha fazla eksende serbestlik derecesiyle takım yolları üretilebilir.