Post processor and kinematic simulation functions

SolidCNC use Lua Scripting. Inverse kinematic calculations where 3D tool position and orientation data is converted into machine tool axis values , is done by Lua script files specific to machine tools and their control systems. This let ‘ s the SolidCNC outputs to be re-configured without modifying the software installation or version and build different outputs from the same operation that is suitable to different machining centers and controllers. Other than kinematic system of the machine tool , vacuums , clamping system , cooling system , part supporting systems can be driven by SolidCNC g-code outputs depending on user inputs during offline programming. These NC files also need to be validated. SolidCNC has a simulation system for that which also use Lua script files that help the user to review what will happen on the machine tool when that NC file is run.

Simulation of turn forming by Kuka robot

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