Multi axis aluminum profile machining module

This module includes many dedicated functions for multi axis aluminum profile machining centers.

Courtesy of Nata Makina Bayrampaşa – İstanbul 2013 , profile machining center

In Nata Makina profile machining center the position of clamps can be changed by CNC control. SolidCNC visualizes the positions of clamps and risk of collisions for the application

SolidCNC –pages for aluminum profile machining centers

Different tools (drilling – milling – blades) can be used for pocket machining , drilling , slot machining etc. The module supports multi axis , 4 or 5 axis machine tools can be driven by NC outputs and the clamp positions can also be driven by NC code.

Nata Makina machining center supports 4 axis degrees of freedom

The user can add his/her profile drawings to software library and use these profile models for different lengths. More than one profile can be loaded in stations and SolidCNC software lets the user configure orientation , length number of profiles , number of clamps , their positions. And draws the configuration on graphic window.

Nata Makina profile machining center has 4 regions where profiles can be loaded , this lets the operator to load and unload the machine during cutting process goes on CNC machining tool , SolidCNC Software can visualize all work cells

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