Compact cutting module

For 2D plate , sheet , strip etc. cutting applications there is Compact Cutting module of SolidCNC. This module not only produce cutter toolpaths but also distributes the parts to stocks such that there is minimum scrap material. There is one D , box and free shape nesting functionality. Different operations with plenty of tools can be produced for cutting outer part and inner pockets , carving bending lines , letters or drilling holes. A single nc file for machining many plates at a time can be output to increase productivity. A report technical drawing for the entire cutting process is also output on graphic window together with NC file to help the operators. There is on going development efforts for further automation as barcoding the pieces and database integration of SolidCNC and customer projects.

Courtesy of Acar Metal - İzmir 2012 , machining of composite panels for building construction

Compact cutting module of SolidCNC has many customers and intensively used for aluminum-composite panel cutting by construction companies.

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