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Model Selection Cycle

We will explain the model selection cycle by performing two different functions. First we will delete one of the surfaces , then we will change color of curves on the screen. Two functions use same selection cycle.

First open part .../CAMDisk/Samples/P.igs
Then give command

Or give menu command Edit -> Delete
Then selection bar will appear at the bottom and model selection cycle will begin .

If you select wrong items you can 'DESELECT' by pressing shift and reselecting the items. Hold down shift button and reselect items for 'DESELECTING'

When you finish selecting items you need to press ok on the selection bar or 'RIGHT' click the mouse button or press 'ENTER' When you press OK the function will continue.

Select a surface on the graphic window and press OK to perform the delete function. Selected surface(s) will be deleted.

As a second exercise we will try to change color of curves on the screen. Press toolbar button

or Edit-> Visual Attributes... menu command.

Then selection cycle will begin again. We will enable only Curve selection and disable other types from the Selection Bar.

You can select only the highlighted types on the selection bar. To select only curves from the graphic window click on Surfaces type so that it is not highlighted anymore and Curves will be the only selected item on list box. So after deselecting Surfaces type on selection bar you will not be able to select surfaces from the graphic window anymore. Now you can make rectangle box over the geometry by dragging mouse while left mouse button is pressed. All curves should become red which shows they are selected.

Now you need to tell system that your selection is finished

To tell the system your selection is done you can
  • right click on mouse button
  • press enter
  • press check symbol on selection bar

After you press ok the visual attributes dialog will appear and you can change the wire frame color.

Many functions use the model selection cycle for collecting user selections for example when you want to transform geometries first you need to select the items to transform and this is done by a model selection cycle. For example when you want to create a spline you need to select point entities by a model selection cycle.

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