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Point Selection Cycle

SolidCNC use point selection cycle whenever you need to define coordinates of a point for a function. We will make a dimension on the screen for understanding point selection cycle. For starting dimension dialog press toolbar button

or give menu command Dimensions-> On screen

When dimension dialog appears you will also see that point selection is active on the selection bar

This means that system waits for the user to pick points from the graphic window or write its coordinates on the selection bar to define points. When you pick a point from the graphic window the cycle is over and next step is executed. For dimensioning you will select 2 points so a second point selection cycle begins when you pick the first point , you can also see the flow from status window.

When you select two points a dimension will be made that shows the distance between two points.

As a second exercise we will create some point entities on the screen Press toolbar button

or give menu command Geo->Make Points

Then ‘Make Points Dialog’ appears and point selection is activated , you may see coordinate text boxes on the selection bar. You may enter coordinates here and press OK to set the point.

Many functions use point selection cycle. For example transforming between two points , rotation about a point , scaling , when you scale the geometry you need to select a scaling origin and this is selected by point selection cycle. You can create line objects by picking two points from the graphic window , by point selection cycle. Etc.

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