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Making circles

You can press toolbar button

Or you can make circles by giving menu command Geo->Make Circles

Make Circle: dialog will appear.
You may make a circle by

  • Defining center point and radius
  • Defining 3 points on an arc
  • Defining 3 points and making a full circle
  • Defining center point and a point on circle

To begin any of the functions press related button on the Make Circle dialog.

Center point and radius:

A full circle on the current workplane will be made with radius value written on the dialog.

You should pick the center point by point selection that begins, as soon as you select center point circle will be made.

Defining 3 points on arc:

When you click on related button , point selection cycle begins and 3 sequential cycles are done to get 3 points from user. When 3rd point selection from graphic window is finished the arc will be made.

Defining 3 points and making a full circle:

When you press “full circle from 3 points” button the function begins and point selection cycle as well. 3 sequential point selections should be achieved to make the full circle.

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