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Vector Selection Cycle (Defining a direction)

Many functions need vector selection, a direction definition. For example when you want to extrude a curve to make a surface you must tell the system extrusion direction. SolidCNC use vector selection cycle whenever user must define a direction.

We will demonstrate a direction selection while setting the view direction (camera direction) For selecting a camera direction give menu command View->Change View Direction. As soon as command is given the vector selection cycle will begin and system waits for the user to define a direction for the camera to set.

You can select principal directions X , Y and Z from the selection bar to change the current direction. If you want to select –X direction for instance you need to select X direction and press Reverse button.

When the current vector is the direction you want , you must press ok from the selection bar to finish the vector selection cycle. Alternatives to finish the cycle is pressing ENTER or RIGHT clicking the mouse. If you want to cancel the action you may press ESCAPE or press button with cross mark on the selection bar.

As soon as you press ok the view direction will change so that camera looks towards the direction you define.

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