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Wire EDM geometry selection

As first step you need to select a contour to cut. When Wire EDM geometry dialog appears , curve selection becomes active and software waits for the user to select a CLOSED contour.

The program waits for the user to select a contour from the graphic window.

When selection bar appears you should select items from graphics window . When your selection is finished you need to press the OK button on the selection bar ( button with check icon on it) and the program will go on.

if you have any problems while selecting the contour press click here for more information.

When you select a closed contour , press check button. If your selection is ok you will see this :

But if your selection is not ok you will recieve an error message like this :

The program waits for a single closed contour for producing operation. If you choose open contour or more than one closed contours you will get an error message. If you get this kind of message please click on 'Contour Type' combobox from the dialog and Select Base Contour again and you will see the selection bar again for re-selecting the contour.

Then you need to click next for seeing the next dialog where you are expected to choose a start position for cutting ...

Click here to continue.

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