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Making lines

You can press toolbar button

or give menu command Geo->Make Lines

Then make lines dialog will appear on the screen

As you see in the dialog buttons you may make lines

  • From 2 points
  • From sequential points (a sequential polyline will be made from multi points)
  • Point , direction , length
  • Point angle length

For example if you want to make a line with base point , direction and length Press button “Point direction lenght” point selection cycle will begin
decide and write the length on the dialog. Pick base point from graphics window
vector selection cycle will begin , choose your direction vector and press OK
Line will be created

If you are making a line by pressing “Point angle length” button
The line will be made on the current work plane

Decide and write angle, if your current work plane is X-Y forexample the angle is starting from the X axis and conforming to right hand rule.
Decide and write length
Pick base point for the line and line will be created.

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